We are currently engaged with two projects that are posing immediate threats to our region.


Zephyr Minerals - Dawson Gold Project

Zephyr Minerals, a mining exploration company from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, has a conditional use permit to explore for gold south, west, and in full view of Canon City.  The company has staked claims from west of Grape Creek all the way to the Dawson Ranch subdivision with the probable goal of selling the entire project to a large mining corporation.  We are allied with the Zephyr Action Project, www.zapzephyr.com, with the mission of stopping the destruction of this widely used recreational area.

Bureau of Land Management (BLM) - Oil and Gas Lease Sale

On March 28th, after denying the multiple protests submitted, the BLM sold the lease for parcel 8423 which spans the area between Temple Canyon Park and the Dawson Ranch Subdivision.  The lease was purchased by HGB Oil Corporation, headquartered in Denver.  RGPP is working with several involved organizations who are evaluating if there are any additional steps that can be taken to halt the lease of this very popular recreational area.